The New Providence Green League

TheĀ NEW PROVIDENCE GREEN LEAGUE (NPGL) is a not-for-profit summer baseball league focused on friendly competition and the development of youth baseball players. We offer divisions for A, B, and C-rated teams of all ages between 8u and 13u as well as a 7u (coach pitch/kid pitch combo) division. 100% of our teams are town-based. We do not accept "club" organizations not affiliated with and recognized by our member-town summer programs.

Based out of the New Providence Police Athletic League (P.A.L.), the "Green League" was created over a decade ago by parents and coaches who recognized that a summer travel league was needed for "B" and "C" players who did not make their town's "A" squad. These parents and coaches worked hard to develop fair, participation-based rules with the overriding goals of maximizing player participation and the development of young players.

The NPGL community enjoyed the league's rules, flexibility of scheduling, and camaraderie with other "local" towns so much that many requested an "A" division for their top teams as well. This led to the formation of the GOLD division of NPGL. Our baseball community has grown over the years into a summer institution of local towns sharing the philosophy that great coaching and, most importantly, PLAYING BASEBALL is what develops young players.

Our member towns also appreciate that they are playing in a league run by a local youth sports organization rather than a company trying to maximize profits. As a non-profit, most registration fees are spent on our website, trophies, shirts, all-star games, and other league expenses. 100% of any remaining funds support local youth sports, field improvement projects, charities, and youth scholarship programs. NPGL hasĀ zero paid employees and we are staffed by parent and teen volunteers who simply love youth baseball.

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